Welcome everyone to my first “real” blog. =]

To set some initial expectations, not all of these posts will be of super high quality published material. Often, I plan to use them for random musings and thoughts which I might have posted somewhere like Hachyderm, but required a bit more text or formatting than makes sense in toot or tweet. Plus, I’d like a forum outside of the bad bird site and more accessible than Mastodon.

All of these are personal posts, mostly by me but I may host some guest posts from time to time. Any and all views are those of the author(s) alone. While this aims to be a technical blog, that extends to the industry, communities, people, and context of tech. But it will also include lots of code, software, performance, compiler, and programming language content.

If you’d like to discuss any of these posts, it’ll need to be on a site designed around discussion (and with a moderation system) rather than here. Feel free to share and comment on the social media of your choosing.

I’m always interested in ideas for content you’d like to see here, and if we collaborate lots, hit me up if you’d like to suggest a guest or joint post.

Hope you all enjoy!